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Originally from Chicago, Derrick Fishback has been a fan and patron of jazz for decades. 

Having been exposed to all genres of music from classical to Afro-jazz, he has been an aficionado of music since his youth. Derrick has always been a patron of the arts, contributing and supporting various music and arts festivals and events in his global travels. He has been an active supporter of Jazz Pensacola, serving as a photographer for Pensacola JazzFest and other sponsored events.

A resident of Pensacola for several years, Derrick is currently a Project Manager with Amazon Web Services. He is also a retired U.S. Army officer having served professionally for over 25 years in key leadership positions, managing large organizations of personnel and programs in the fields of operations, civil-military engagements, disaster management, diplomacy and partnerships.

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Derrick Fishback

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