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Growing up in a small, rural community in central Missouri, Dean left home and spent his career as a research chemist and subsequently a healthcare administrator all over the country with his latest move to Pensacola in 2018 looking to be his last. His interest in music started early in his life. Even though he performed in bands in high school and college, he determined that when it came to music he was a good technician but did not have the gift.  

Dean has brought his science and business acumen to several nonprofit Boards during this time, including the American Heart Association, Saint Thomas Advocates, which he helped form, as well as the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo.  It was these experiences where he witnessed the power that comes from special people focused on achieving goals that benefited communities. The rewards that came from these experiences have been numerous and fulfilling for Dean, similar to his more that 40 years in healthcare have been.

His relationship with Jazz Pensacola began as an attendee enjoying the music, then as a volunteer photographer providing images to the organization and individual musicians alike. Now, he is getting a humbling opportunity to contribute to the promotion of the jazz genre and musicians throughout the region.


Dean Vanderhoof

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